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Our aim is to provide a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand, guide, no more.

Our criticisms are based on the night we visit and, as anybody who eats out regularly will know, standards can vary. However, we seek quality and value in hotels, restaurants, bistros, cafes, take-aways and even fish and chip shops. We also seek drinks at affordable prices with best value uppermost in our minds.

Appitite does not accept any liability for any disappointment you may have when eating out in the establishments mentioned. They are selected at random.

News items and promotions are received from various reputable sources and are there for your information. Once again, we can’t vouch for their authenticity.


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Chris Duncan, Napier University graduate, international sportsman and seafood expert – basically, he sees food and eats it.
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Nigel Duncan, member of International Travel Writers Alliance, experienced editor, journalist, travel writer and food critic with over 30 years experienced in the media, PR and marketing business