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The George Hotel – Colchester

Blessed with a wonderful location - we were disappointed with The George and it needs some TLC

The George, High Street, Colchester, CO1 1TD, T: 0843 178 7153

RATINGS: Food: 2.5, Ambience: 2.5, Service: 3, Drink selection: 3, Toilets: 3, Website: 3, Total: 17/30

47-room George Hotel enjoys a central location in busy Colchester, England’s oldest town. It is a ten minute taxi ride from the station and ideal for restaurants, bars and even the cinema as well as exploring. Indeed, the castle is minutes walk away and the shops are on the doorstep. It is also only a 45-minute drive from Stanstead Airport. From the outside, the 500-year-old George is impressive and there are relics of the past build into this imposing building. Extensive medieval cellars, preserved behind glass, have remnants of Roman roads and even the ashes left by the fires of Queen Boudica’s rampage in AD60. However, that brings me neatly to what is wrong with The George. It needs some TLC. My room was dark and not the place to spend time in. The bar  seemed to be a popular meeting place but the restaurant was uninviting. Suffice to say, I went out and found a wonderful Italian, Il Padrino in Church Steet, five minutes walk away.


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