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Tamarind, Bristol

Flavours merged beautifully to prompt plaudits from all diners

Busy Indian restaurant with a wide menu to suit most tastes

Tamarind, 5 Badminton Road, Dowend, Bristol BS16 6BB

RATING: Food 4; Atmosphere (not sampled); Service 3.5; Toilets (not sampled); Website 4.

It’s not every day you find an Indian restaurant after which nobody complains. Well we did on this pre-Festive occasion.

We sampled a carry out rather than sitting in at the well-appointed, air-conditioned, 96-seat restaurant in the middle of Downend. We wanted to see a movie and the four dishes we picked all earned praise.

My Karahi lamb was superb. The ingredients merged perfectly. It was advertised as medium hot but this would have been acceptable to somebody who likes the edge taken off the heat of the spices. The tender pieces of lamb were cooked with chopped onions, sliced ginger, capsicum, tomatoes, fresh herbs and a special Karahi sauce. One word describes the dish delicious.

There were no grumbles about the chicken tikka biriani and the Malayan chicken cooked in a mild sauce was particularly impressive, the smooth taste punctuated by pineapple and lychees.

Most comments came about the Dansak chicken cooked with lentils and flavoured with fenugreek leaves in a sweet, sour and hot sauce. Yummy was the best description.

The Peswari nan hit the spot as did the garlic one and the pilau rice also proved popular. In all, a tasty treat. PS: the movie was poor.

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