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Smith’s, New York

Value breakfast with an extensive choice

Breakfast deal which won't break the bank

Smith’s Hell’s Kitchen, 701 8th Avenue, New York NY 10036

BREAKFAST, they say, is a key meal to set you up for the day. We tried several diners while we were in New York and the quality varies along with the price.

Smith’s was the cheapest we found and, you know what, the quality was spot on. The weather was fine so we sat just off the sidewalk on a crisp, Autumnal day and we were well looked after.

The price included fruit juice and coffee – coffee quality dubious and tasteless – toast and two American breakfasts. I added Canadian ham – delicious – and Pam sausage and they were supplements but the bill still only came to $17.40.

Service could have been sharper and the waiter brought the wrong fruit juice but the extensive menu include porridge and fruit. A dancer in the next table thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, try Smith’s, great price and good food.