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Princes Street Gardens

Wonderful location but zero for the food

Princes Street Gardens during Winter wonderland

A lazy lunch, with the sun beating down, sitting outside soaking up the atmosphere overlooking atmospheric Edinburgh Castle in one of the world’s leading cities. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it.

However, the reality is somewhat different. Yes, the view is wonderful and the weather on the day we visited was superb, most unlike Scotland. There was not a grey cloud in the sky.

The food was, there is only one word for it, ghastly. We ordered two coffees and a chicken roll. Naturally, we thought it would come in a bun with some salad and would look appetising.

However, our chef brought out a bun, cut it in half and slapped a tasteless piece of chicken in between. Then he had the cheek to ask for £13. Wow. No table service, no tablecloth, just a naked bun and a bit of meat.

This is a tourist destination and many stop for a snack. Imagine what message they take back to their own country. Come on, smarten up, we want to present Scotland as a place to visit, not a destination where tourists are served with poor food and poor service.