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Pheasant change

This rich, creamy game tikka masala is ready to pop in the oven

Wild and Game aim to turn the United Kingdom into a nation of game eaters.

And to push our taste buds in that direction the Bristol-based company have just launched a new range of high-quality ready meals.

They focus on familiar favourites to make people realise how easy it is to enjoy game instead of beef and chicken.

And their range include grouse with mushroom and peppercorn sauce, pheasant breasts with pancetta, mushroom and cider sauce plus pheasant breasts Florentine.

We’ve just sampled the excellent pheasant tikka masala. It is packed with flavour and it is delicate enough to taste herbs and spices.

It has a chilli kick, but not too much.

There is bags of sauce and a pleasing amount of pheasant breast in a rich, creamy sauce. The cost was £7.50.

You pre-heat your oven to 150C/300F or Gas Mark 2 and cook in the centre of the oven, after piercing the film, for between 80 and 90 minutes.

There is plenty for two people and this could be perfect if you are not confident cooking with game.

Co-founder Steven Frampton would love to see game like pheasant eventually becoming a common sight in UK supermarkets.

So, if you fancy something different this might be worth a try. You can order online at

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