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New flair to Old Manor

Award-winning chef overhauls Hertfordshire pub menu

Award-winning chef, Damian Wawrzyniak, is bringing his unique flair to Hertfordshire’s The Old Manor and the traditional British pub will feature traditional dishes with original recipes in a menu overhaul.

The family run free house in Potter’s Bar has rustic country features with the sophisticated menu of inner city fine-dining.

The new Damian-developed menu has been created after The Old Manor’s chefs conducted multiple tasting sessions.

Damian said: “The new menu offers customers a range of traditional dishes and original recipes with a twist, all with excellent presentation – a crucial element for any menu.

“The journey through the development stages was both fun and informative. It helped me work with the pub’s chefs and identify their strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to manage the kitchen much more effectively. The tasting sessions allowed the staff to offer their own thoughts and ideas.

“What we have been left with is a range of cuisine that will appeal to everyone; from the beloved classics to some original homemade dishes, all using the best ingredients and served beautifully. Dining is an experience, not a chore.”