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Mulberry Manor, Lyme Regis

Great food but watch out for seagulls who also want a bite of the delicious food

Mulberry Manor, 10 Broad Street, Lyme Regis DT7 3QD T: 01297 444613


We’d walked along the seafront at lovely Lyme Regis and also to The Cobb Harbour, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

It was 25C and needed refreshment and something to eat, but not too much then it dawned.

We are in pasty country and as we started to climb the steep main street, the shaded side, we spotted the red and yellow Mulberry Manor sign.

There was a queue and we considered elsewhere but the smell emanating from the small bakery was inviting.

We waited and we were rewarded with traditional Dorset pasties straight from the oven. They were blisteringly hot.

By the way, sources indicate that the difference between a Dorset and Cornish pasty is that the Devon one is oval and has a crimped top. The Cornish one is semi-circular and side-crimped.

They were packed with meat and vegetables under a delicious pastry.

Pasties have been enjoyed by royalty but they were also popular with tin miners as they could be carried easily and eaten without cutlery.

They are still much sought-after and not just by locals and tourists. A brazen seagull actually tried to snatch the paper bag carrying the meal from our grasp.

Thankfully, we went our separate ways but do beware the birds. Notices not to feed them are noted around the resort and the gulls seem to be on a  constant food alert.

Oh, the food. Excellent value and taste. Recommended. There are plenty of others around.


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