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A new magical map of Arran detailing the locations of the popular Thumble Tumble series is set to encourage readers and potential visitors to follow the stories and adventures and discover where to look for all the magical characters from the books.

The Thumble Tumble series, by Glasgow author Angela Proctor, who writes under the name of AH Proctor, follows the magical, spooky, challenging and fun adventures of the friendly west coast witch. The stories combine history and myths with real locations such as Brodick Castle, the Holy Isle and Goatfell, the national tourism organisation is hoping to help the region capitalise on the books success with Thumble Tumbles Magical Map of Arran.

A total of 5,000 copies of the map – funded by VisitScotland – have been printed and are now available in Brodick iCentre and will also appear on CalMac ferries, enchanting readers and potential visitors to the island. The map is also available to download at

Books one and two, in an eight-part series have so far been published by Forth Books. The first book – published in 2015 – is titled Thumble Tumble and the Ollpheist, where the west coast witch stumbles upon a mysterious secret. Book two – Thumble Tumble and the Cauldron of Undry again set on the magical Isle of Arran, takes place in and around Brodick Castle and the mysterious Holy Isle.

Angela Proctor, author said: “I have been exploring Arran with my children for the past six years, and every trip is still as enchanting as the first. I hope that the Thumble Tumble map will help children discover the many magical places there are on Arran, and encourage them to create their very own adventures”

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