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La Gaonera, Fuengirola

This proved a haven for good food

La Taberna Gaonera, Calle El Troncon, 20 (Junto a Plza Constitucion), Fuengirola

It was starting to rain and we’d walked down memory lane along the breezy promenade under slate-grey skies for over an hour, visiting haunts we think we remembered from over 20 years ago.

As we sauntered back towards the main shopping area we were hit by a squall and we were fortunate to find La Taberna Gaonera just in time.

The old fashioned look appealed and a quick peek inside confirmed that this would be our lunch venue.

Good timing as the heavens opened. The tiled bar and the atmosphere was a draw.

So were the welcoming staff. We had our choice of table. Ours was under a series of pictures of bull fights and matadors.

I visited the bull ring in Fuengirola with my daughter – she wanted to see one and mum would not go – and I’ve never forgotten it.

The event was memorable for all the wrong reasons but it is a Spanish thing.

Whatever, we got down to ordering. The range is considerable and mercifully locally-based as this establishment is so far removed from some of its neighbours who cater for British tastes.

Pam ordered pechuga pollo plancha, a delicious and well-cooked portion of chicken with so tasty, salted potatoes and a vegetable selection.

The portion was just right. I tucked into a callos andaluces, an Andalucian stew with chick peas, pork plus chorizo in a tomato sauce. It was packed with flavour and came piping hot.

Thankfully, the rain had relented enough for us to make a dash through deserted streets for the bus station.

We were accosted on several occasions by anxious restaurant staff desperately trying to entice us in  for a coffee or drink, but we had other things on our mind – the 2.30pm bus to our superbly-appointed holiday flat at Cabopino.

As I write this the rain has stopped and the wind abated, slightly. The forecast is for an improvement tomorrow.


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