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Kazan, Victoria, London

I stumbled upon Kazan but it was memorable

Kazan Restaurant, 93-94 Wilton Street, London, SW1V 1DW, tel: 020 7233 7100

RATINGS:  Food: 5, Ambience: 3.5, Service: 4, Drink selection: 3, Toilets: 4, Web site: 4, Total: 23.5/30

Surprisingly in downtown Victoria, London, some restaurants are closed on a Sunday, even at 6.30pm. Kazan then came into view. The elegant modern decor was eye-catching and the menu was inviting, even if the blurb was a trifle flowery. Kazan describe their food as: “A rich tapestry of tastes and pleasures all perfected in the Sultans’ kitchens from the Ottoman era.  This infusion of history and taste has been brought back to life by our traditional Turkish chefs, recreating classic Ottoman dishes and creating new and exciting tastes we like to call Ottoman fusion.” However, first impressions are powerful and, blurb aside, Kazan looked the part. I was in a rush so one course was sufficient and they delivered. The service was slick and the food packed a punch. Earlier, I had asked for advice and it was given. I plumped for Adana Kofte, speciality from the south of Turkey, fiery red chillies blended with minced lamb char grilled, served with salad and rice or chunky fries. Presentation was superb and the flavour? It flooded out. Nothing, however, was overpowering, even the chillies, and the mix was memorable. Oh, don’t confuse this one with the Katan Kitchen which is across the road.

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