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Jamie’s, Covent Garden

Extensive menu, great service and perfect for central London

Jamie's Covent Garden, wonderful service and good food

Jamie’s Italian, 11 Upper Street, St Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden, London WE2H 9FB

RATING: Food 4.5, Atmosphere 4.5; Service 5; Drinks 5; Toilets 4.5; Website 4.5

COVENT Garden is one of my favourite haunts, particularly on a fine summer evening.

As usual, is was packed with tourists and locals out for a stroll and enjoying the buzz that London undoubtedly has.

The Capital also has wonderful restaurants tucked away, just like Jamie’s. It was perfect for what we wanted.

The first thing that hits you is the atmosphere. We poured over the extensive menu and our waiter was attentive, explaining the various dishes. In fact, he took exceptionally good care of us throughout a thoroughly-enjoyable evening, even though the restaurant was extremely busy. That, by the way, is normal for this Jamie’s.

The food was superb, another major plus, particularly with the restaurant as busy as it was. It could have been so easy to have suffered in the rush.

So, what did we have. Jamie’s sausage pappardelle appealed and it did not disappoint. It was absolutely delicious with all the flavours easily identifiable.

The fresh crab spaghetti was full of subtle flavour and the grilled chicken puttanesca also won approval.

Our starter of fresh Artisan breads was perfect for sharing. Restaurant manager, Endri Kosturi, and his entire team deserve praise for the way they run Jamies and for looking after us so well. I’ll definitely be going back, soon.

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