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Itihaas, Birmingham

Inconvenient diverson

Itihaas, 18 Fleet Street, Birmingham B3 1JL

RATING: Food 4, Atmosphere 4; Service 3.5; Drinks 3; Toilets 1; Website 3

ITIHAAS web site is OTT. It claims it is “Birmingham’s top Indian”, has “fantastic surroundings”, is “traditional value with a twist”, offers “fine food in a casual setting”. Well, would it live up to the hype? The service is slick and the comfortable surroundings have a touch of class, however, the loo was shocking. I had to hold my breath and that is not what you expect given the award-winning status of the restaurant. We found it by using our satellite phone, walking along the extensive canal network in the dark. It was an interesting trip.  My aloo tikki chana chaat, delicately spiced potato cutlets, chickpeas, chopped onions and tomatoes topped with creamy yoghurt, mint and tangy tamarind chutney, was so good I would have been happy to have it as a main. My Army rum lamb shank masala, marinated lamb shank, slow cooked with oven roasted tomatoes and sliced onions in a thick Indian Army rum masala gravy was sublime, the flavours mixing together beautifully. So, it did live up to expectation but the loo was a major let down.

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