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Hunan – Manchester

As I walked in, the atmosphere was electric and the colourful dishes were mouth-watering. I couldn't wait to sample the menu.

Hunan, 1st floor, 19-21 George Street, China Town, Manchester, M1 4HE, T: 0161 236 8889, Website:,  Monday to Sunday: noon to midnight,

Food: 4, Ambience: 3, Website: 3, Toilets: 3, Beer: 3, Service: 5 , Total: 21/30

IT said authentic Chinese restaurant on the menu outside the front door. Proof came in seconds as the restaurant was packed, with Chinese. Bosses claim the restaurant is the only one in the North West with authentic Hunan cuisine served by Hunanese chefs. They are noted for their liberal use of chilli. I was anxious not to end up with something super-strong. The Chairman Mao’s red-braised pork was recommended. Five spiced and aromatic pigs intestines were quickly ruled out along with frogs legs, spicy salmon head, shredded tripe with chilli and lamb belly. Pigs delicacies were also a no-go area. The pork arrived in a flash, along with egg fried rice, and the sauce, with whole garlic cloves liberally placed in the dish, was memorable. The egg fried rice proved a perfect accompaniment. The bill, £12.30, was value

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