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Holiday Inn Express – Swansea

A business trip to wales saw me visit a well known hotel chain. My thoughts are below..

HOLIDAY Inn Express

Swansea East, Neath Road, Neath SA10 6QZ T: 08719021630

RATING: Food 1.5; Ambience 1.5; Service 1; Drink selection 1.5; Toilets 3; Website 2; Total: 10.5/30

PLUS first. It is on the motorway and the room was clean with the normal Holiday Inn Express facilities. The wi-fi worked well after nearly 20 minutes fiddling, it is not simple. However, the door on my room did not lock and the receptionist did not seem to understand that. I asked for a quiet room – I live in a village and am a light sleeper – and was placed next to the motorway.  It was hot and humid and I opened the window to hear the rumble of traffic. Breakfast. The hot water button on the self-service machine was not working. No soya milk was available. Don’t they understand that people have diet problems? The only fruit was grapefruit, not something I can eat currently. So I had to side-step starters. And the hot selection? Scrambled eggs, sausages and beans. The scrambled egg was likely to have milk involved so that was a no-no and so I was left with a sausage – no taste – and beans and toast. Admittedly my room was low cost but you do expect receptionists to have some idea of local issues. I wanted to get to the airport by public transport and the only suggestion was to Cardiff by train and then by taxi. Wrong. Taxi to Cardiff (quoted £70), or taxi to Neath (£9), train to Bridgend and then local train to Rhoose (£8.30 with senior citizens railcard) and then a local bus (£1). They should know that and that comes from proper training. Oh, and finally, the bar is in the same plastic place as the restaurant. Not a place to tarry long and there is nowhere else to go nearby. This establishment needs a good shake.


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