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For use in BBQ and anywhere outdoors

If you are one for all things camping, festivals and the great outdoors, the ThumbsUp! 5-In-1 BBQ Tool Kit offers a unique alternative with its clever compact design.

This handy tool has everything you need to flip burgers, turn sausages, and open a few beers. A great portable utensil to replace an existing draw full of BBQ equipment that you can take anywhere, sure never to fail to impress.

If your one for misplacing your BBQ utensils then there is no excuses with this 5 in 1 kit which keeps everything in one place. Meanwhile it’s portability allows you to take your BBQ on the road to friends and family, to enjoy a super tasty home cooked meal anywhere.

As the master of the BBQ any host or hostess is sure to impress. Prepared for any eventuality this kit includes a detachable spatula, extremely useful for flipping those burgers. A bottle opener, for opening a refreshing cold one. A marinade brush, ensuring your BBQ is as delicious as it should be! A cork screw, for enjoying a lovely glass of wine and a pair of prongs, extremely useful for the perfect BBQ.

Made from stainless steel and silicone this tool kit measures 31.5cm high and 10.5cm wide, it’s time to get burgers on the barbie!

The ThumbsUp! 5-In-1 BBQ Tool Kit is available to buy online from Temptation Gifts for £14.99.

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