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Gusto Italia, Bamber Bridge near Preston

Civil service at snails pace

Gusto Italia, 50 School Lane, Bamber Bridge PR5 6QE

RATING: Food 4; Atmosphere (noisy) 3.5; Service 1; Drinks 2.5; Website

We’d just driven nearly four hours down the busy M6 and found the Holiday Inn Express. Didn’t fancy dining in an open area – looked like my ex-school dinner room but a bit more contemporary – so onto the internet. ”Best value Italian,” said a review. Gusto Italia was less than two miles from the hotel so off we went. We found it, eventually, and it was an experience. Manuel from Fawlty Towers would have fitted in well here. My wife ordered a starter which came – garlic bread, it was fab. And my tomato and basil soup? Well, we waited and waited until I was forced to inquire. They forgot. However, we move on, Pam’s beef stroganoff with rice was amongst the best she had every tasted and my pollo cacciatore with tomatoes, olives, peppers and a hint of chilli was sensational. Take a bow. They both came almost together but the young waitress was run off her feet. This is a busy place and it is easy to see why she forgot. What Gusto lacked in service it more than made up for in quality, and at a low price.

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