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Caley Sample Room, Edinburgh

A pub to savour for real ales and wine

Classy pub

Caley Sample Room, 42-58 Angle Park Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 2JR

RATING: Food (not tried): Ambience: 4.5; Service 3; Drinks: 5 (great selection of wine, not cheap); Toilets: (not tried): Website: 3.

IF you want an atmospheric bar with well-kept beer and with a mouth-watering, a la carte menu then look no further than the award-winning Caley Sample Room. We popped in for short time to attend a birthday bash. OK, it was straight after a football match at nearby Heart of Midlothian. It was noisy but it was not intimidating and the beer selection was so good it took time to decide. Names mean a lot when you are undecided and I plumped for a Bad Day at the Office by Livingston-based Alchemy who have a catchy strapline of turning grain into gold. It’s not the brewery flagship but it is refreshing, generously hopped cask ale at 4.5 per cent ABV with a bitter edge. A good pint. Sadly, I was dragged away but yes, and I’ll be back to sample more. The pub has real atmosphere.