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East Coast Train Travel

As a regular traveller on business I rely heavily on the offerings on board trains. How is East Coasts offering?

East Coast Trains, Edinburgh to London, Departure: 8.30am

RATINGS: Food: 3.5, Ambience: 2, Drink Selection: 3, Service: 3, Toilets: 2.5, Website: 3 , Total: 17.5/30,

As a child I loved trains. Yes, I had a Hornby train set. We’ll, who didn’t? And I had a dining carriage as part of my set. I always wanted to try food on the move and it took a number of years before I first tasted the experience. Now, because of business, I’m a regular traveller from Scotland to London and I wouldn’t think of flying. Breakfast is one of my favourites, particularly when you are offered a choice. Consider this, vegetarian comprising tomato and mushroom frittata, grilled Halloumi cheese, mushrooms, grilled tomato and sliced potato. Rare breed smoked back bacon on a white roll or porridge served with a natural yoghurt, a berry compote and toasted seeds, smoked salmon omelette with a chive hollandaise served on a bagel, or a selection of fruit. They are offered if you don’t want a Great British. Two rashers of rare breed smoked back bacon, rare breed port sausage (this really is good), free-range cheese omelette, mushrooms, grilled tomato and sauté potatoes. Sorry, I know it packs in the calories but the Great British is good. You also get a choice from the bakery basket with white or granary bloomer toast, croissants and almond twist. Go on, spoil yourself, it is first class. Oh, if you are travelling during the day then the jacket potato with beef brisket chilli served with salad garnish is worth trying. With this and free wi-fi plus several offers of tea and coffee who would opt to fly? Not me.

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