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Da Bruno, Cabopino

It is easy to miss but do make a point of going

You could miss this establishment. It is tucked away in trees behind a Shell garage near a busy roundabout at the stylish resort of Cabopino.

It also has a takaway next to it but, once again, it is signposted by is screened by cars and trees.

However, we had been recommended it by several people. The quote was: “It is not cheap but the food is good.”

We sauntered along on a Sunday night around 7pm thinking we would have no difficulty finding a table.

How wrong could we be. It was packed but they could accommodate two.

There was nothing out of place. The settings on the stylish yellow tablecloths were perfectly placed.

The service is slick, among the best I’ve ever experienced, and they talked us through the menu.

Of particular interest was the wine. The cellar is extensive but we were recommended a Protos Crianza. We savoured the woody notes as we contemplated our food choice.

The menu is so extensive it takes time. However, my chefs special, seared tuna with a red pepper sauce, was superb, blasted on the outside leaving the centre moist and flavourful.

Sadly, the accompanying vegetables were poor. Two small potatoes on the cool side along with a tine vegetable medley. The caramelised onions had an appeal but I felt they did not marry with the tuna.

Pam’s plancha – liver and bacon basically – was beautifully cooked and the eye-catching dish and accompanying veg worked wonderfully well.

We loved the atmosphere and the buzz. This establishment is busy and you can see why.


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