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Lullaby playlist


easyHotel, the international chain of super-budget hotels, is introducing a free lullaby playlist service for guests to help them get a better night’s sleep.  The ...

Proving popular


Scotland is home to 1,233 sites occupying standing stones, among the most ancient in Europe, and 352 sites featuring a Pictish symbol stone. VisitScotland can reveal that ...

Woodforde’s best


Whether you’re looking for the perfect present or a treat for yourself, choose from a collection of over 30 variations at If you want to try a bit of ...

Calling adventure seekers


Adventure seekers are being urged to visit the Outer Hebrides as part of a new campaign supported by the national tourism organisation. Outer Hebrides Tourism has been ...

La Gomera

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The island of La Gomera is considered the hidden gem of the Canary Islands and it boasts national parks and valleys and beaches. La Gomera is known for being the most rural, ...

Exclusive resort


Fancy a fine dining experience like no other? With its unique location, ultimate privacy, and luxurious butler service, Carpe Diem Exclusive Boutique Resort offers an ...

Inflatable beer bucket


ThumbsUp! have marketed an inflatable Beer Bucket that provides the answer to the typical headache of warm bottled beer in the sun. They claim it is just the thing for ...

Handy spray bottle

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Not just your regular water bottle, cool off, clean off and hydrate with the Aquabot. This handy spray bottle has a super soaker-style pump on the top of the gadget with 3 ...

Handy tool


If you are one for all things camping, festivals and the great outdoors, the ThumbsUp! 5-In-1 BBQ Tool Kit offers a unique alternative with its clever compact design. This ...
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