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Caffe Nero – Colchester

Caffe Nero is a well known coffee chain, but do all it's restaurants have that reputation?

Caffe Nero

6 Culver Street, Colchester, CO1 1JQ, T: 01206 366610

RATING: Food 3.5; Ambience 4; Service 3.5; Drink selection (not applicable); Toilets 3; Website (generic) 3.5; Total: 17.5/25

COLCHESTER claims to be the oldest town in Britain and was the oldest recorded Roman town in the country. It is worth a visit. We strolled through the busy Friday market, by the way, the vegetable stalls are packed with produce, as we headed for the castle. Caffe Nero came into view across the road from a deliciously smelling curry stall in the market. Normally, I don’t like chain coffee shops but this one was a tad different. Small shop front but long inside and there were plenty of mums with kids, business people meeting, others on lap tops and students celebrating their GCE results. It was busy, a good sign, and the atmosphere was lively but not OTT. A good stopping off point.


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