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Caffe Concerto

Value restaurant across from iconic store Harrods

Caffe Concerto, New Knightsbridge, 78 Brompton Road, London SW3 1ER

RATING: Food 4; Ambience 3.5; Service 4; Drink 3.5; Toilets 3.5; Website 3

Friday tea-time, pre-Christmas and we’re opposite Harrods in Knightsbridge, nightmare. Most of the restaurants are full and we took pot luck with Caffe Concerto which did not have a queue outside.

Normally, that’s a bad sign but needs must as we had an appointment. We’d not noticed a small queue inside the restaurant but they said it would only be minutes until a table became free.

One did, however, three ladies brushed passed us and a charming Irish family who were obediently standing in the queue and grabbed the table. They were, to use Glasgow parlance, emptied, much to their embarrassment – quite right.

Good start. Over came the waitress with the menus and we were set to go. The extensive menu was interesting and we all went for something different.

The service was slick and my tagliatelle Salsiccia Piccante (tagliatelle with a rich tomato sauce and spicy sausage) soon arrived piping hot and carrying a real punch.

The chicken Milanese and chicken breast were both tasty and the portions filling. We were well satisfied and the bill – despite the position of the restaurant – was extremely reasonable.

This restaurant is superbly run and spotlessly clean. One to look out for.

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