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Busy restaurant

Tapas a speciality but we went down a different route

Viento de Levante, 75 High Street, Selsey by Chichester PO20 0QL

I would not have considered tapas with Selsey but Viento de Levante was recommended.

And this Spanish-themed, town centre restaurant in Selsey, near Chichester, lived up to most expectations.

However, we did not go down the tapas route as it is not our favoured food having been let down on so many occasions in chain establishments.

Instead, we strayed into other territory, because we liked what was on offer in the main menu.

The restaurant was packed, possibly because of the camp and caravan site nearby, one of the largest in Britain, if not Europe, but this was not peak holiday season.

The choice was considerable but Pam plumped for a mushroom pizza. It arrived and was delicious, the cheese was moist and tasty, the crust just right and the mushroom content was spot on.

I decided on a sirloin steak. Not such a good choice. It was cooked to my liking – rare – but the meat was tough and came with a large amount of fat. However, for £14.95 including veg you can’t really argue.

The Arjona Rioja (priced at £19.95) helped erase the disappointment of the meat and the overall ambience was good, particularly with the front doors opened because of the heat. That let in extra light and air into the restaurant.

Staff were pleasant but we did note that they seemed to be in a hurry as closing time approached. Natural, I suppose, as I’ve been in that position as a restaurant worker myself, but clients – particularly those on holiday – don’t want to be rushed and any leanings in that direction should be disguised. After all, customers mean consistency of employment.

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