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Business meets pleasure

Vineyard networking tours from French Art de Vivre

Wine tours mix business with pleasure

Business and pleasure are set to collide as a British-based destination management company launches its bespoke vineyard networking tours <> . Held in the wine producing regions of France and Italy, they are the concept of French Art de Vivre.

Manaf Marouane, CEO at French Art De Vivre <>  explained: “Far too many people shy away from using ‘business’ and ‘pleasure’ in the same sentence. We’re shunning this stigma and replacing it with bespoke vineyard networking tours that blur the line between suits and sommeliers. We’re delighted with the level of interest so far and plan to expand our tours to other professions such as hedge funds and high net worth individuals or consulting firms and big companies in future.”

Each tour lasts for four days and three nights. Packages include accommodation in a five-star hotel, Michelin starred gastronomic meals, luxury chauffeured cars, leisurely tours of the chateaux and estate, private tastings and personal wine workshops.

The next tour will take place in Bordeaux, 22 – 25 September 2015. It will be followed by tours in Champagne, Burgundy and Tuscany.


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