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Avon Gorge – Bristol

An incredible view, the food's good too...

Avon Gorge Hotel, Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4LD

RATING: Food 3.5; Ambience 3.5; Drink selection 4; Service 4; Toilets 4; Website 2.5; TOTAL 21.5/30

THERE can be scarely be a hotel bar with a better view of the Avon than the Avon Gorge. The extensive beer garden overlooks the spectacular Clifton Suspension Bridge built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Inside, the modern interior, with a good selection of chemical and real ales – try the award-winning Bitcombe Best Bitter, it has a real bite – is relaxing and comfortable.  We were fortunate to sit at a coffee table surrounded by two settees. The television sets surrounding the bar were annoying and thankfully turned down. The bar does try to cater for all manner of clients which is a drawback. Tourists provided the clientele at lunchtime but posters offering student discounts hinted at a different customer on other occasions. And the food? We ordered a kids sausage and mash. We preferred chips and they were good so was the sausage. I plumped for a tuna mayo baked potato which came with crisp, fresh salad. Kirsty enjoyed her baked potato and cheese. Summing up, this is worth a visit, not just for the view

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