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A Beccafico, Venice

Stunning, innovative food only a short stroll from the Grand Canal

Only minutes from this wonderful waterside view

A Beccafico, Campo Santo Stefano, Venice

RATING: Food 5; Ambience 4.5; Service 4; Drinks 4; Toilets (not used); Website (not found)

The white jackets of the waiters Рwith ties cut off half-way, strange but nobody could tell us why Рand the stylish, up-market furniture spilling out into the square, stood out from offers in this busy area only ten minutes brisk walk from the world-famous Piazza San Marco.

The menu also appeared unique in Venice with the dishes of the Venetian tradition merging with Sicilian cuisine. It was difficult to follow as it was in Italian (a glossary was at the back), but, thankfully, the waiters were primed.

Their chefs excite the palate by skilfully merging flavours and producing innovative food appropriate for the setting and the price. It was expensive but worth it.

My tuna – seared for ten seconds and then infused with olive oil and served with thin sliced of orange – melted in the mouth. However, the one disappointment was that the olive oil tended to overpower the taste of the fish. The dish was stunningly presented.

A colleagues eggplant with cheese was superb and my wife’s steak was perfectly cooked. We loved the setting, atmosphere and the food and, for once, there was no water in site and, thankfully, precious few pigeons.

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